We took some time out to enjoy the rainy summer, then that got boring, then we tried to avoid doin work, then that eventually got boring too. So now we’re back with new toys and a viva la resistance attitude towards punk rock! Can you tell? Hope so. We missed you all, it’s been way too long.

Right now we are here to announce our next exciting instalment of ARTIST OF THE MONTH and excited we are. So to kick off 2012 we present you with our favourite band of 2012 so far – BANG! BANG! ROCK N’ ROLL, yep they are our artist of the month for the month of March.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be presenting a whole lotta goodies ala B!B! RN’R. So make sure you keep tuning in and get to know this cool punk rock three-piece who are currently taking Sydney stages by storm. Keep an eye out for interviews, videos, photo shoots and so much more.

So please tell your friends about BANG! BANG! ROCKN’ ROLL and if you get a chance please go out and catch them at a show. Why? because they rock! that is why.



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