Danny Clayton has been a VJ at Channel V (a cable tv music channel) for almost 10 years now and he has probably seen more live bands than most of us. Danny attends all major music festivals Nationally and Internationally interviewing some of the biggest bands in the world to local sensations. There are two positives about Danny’s twitter which went out to his almost 10,000 followers from The Standard in Sydney last weekend. Firstly it’s a great leg up for Goons of Doom a band who get close to zero airplay on Australian radio besides having fans from all over the world. And secondly it’s cool because finally someone within the music industry is acknowledging what most of us out here already know.

Goons of Doom in the last couple of years alone have toured Europe, Hawaii and the USA three times including SXSW, opening for bands like Hole, El Mariachi, Damien Marley and Dillinger Escape Plan, they have also caused near riots at most of their shows at countless venues up and down the Australian East Coast. More recently they were handpicked to open for American band Grouplove.

Members within the Goons are visual/graphic artists, famous surfers, art directors, music producers, published writers, talented multi instrumentalists and each member is an accomplished songwriter in their own right. The Goons were also mixing visual art with surf rock way before the surf sound became the new wave in recent times, releasing their third studio album later this year thru Volcom Ent, the music arm of International surf/skate label Volcom.

So if a band can have all of these creative qualities and major touring experience yet still remain literally unknown to most music lovers in Australia, then the following questions need to be asked “Where is the music industry?” “Where have they been?” “What the fuck is going on over there?” and “Are they going to do something about it?”

Follow Danny Clayton at Twitter HERE

GOONS OF DOOM return to Queensland this week to play the final dates of The Rattlesnake Cobra Single Tour. Their third album ‘REVENGE OF THE GOONS’ drops soon thru Volcom Ent!

Wednesday 15th Feb – Bleach Festival Party @ Neverland, Coolangatta w- Pirates Alive
Friday 17th Feb – Volcom Party @ Snapper Surf Club, Coolangatta w- Dead Beat Band
Saturday 18th Feb – My Byron Bay Riot 2 @ Bhudda Bar, Byron Bay w- Dead Beat Band  + Pirates Alive

Free Download!

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