So many people came out to the Beach Rd Hotel last Saturday night to celebrate the Australia Day Weekend and locally made music it was not funny. You really had to be there to experience what went down, but from start to finish the bands that played all came out with guns blazing and the night was hands down one of the coolest parties we’ve put on to date.

The over capacity / sold out Beach Rd Hotel got down to the LIAR Awards 2011 Best new comers Bang! Bang! Rock n’ Roll and  the awesome Valley Floor (qld) who both played tight sets, receiving mass appreciation from the early birds, followed by Mylee Grace & the Milkshakes who bought everyone together for a dance off du jour and so did Gerrringongs The Bungalows who played their best live set to date, starting the first of many sing-a-longs of the night. Betty Airs ruled the stage and their cover of Bad Moon Rising is second to none (record dat shit boys!). Sticky Fingers had all hearts in a flutter as they spread the soulful good vibes around the room. Then it was time for the Goons of Doom, well no one in this town knows how to rock a party like the Goons do, the party was well and truly on fire. With Killerwhale playing his return show with the Goons the gig was made all the more special, a night we will never forget.

Beautiful women, cool cats, punks and newbians gathered together and we all simply partied for the love of friendship, good times and music. Yes there were a couple of boofheads in the crowd pushing people around, so we apologize if anyone got hurt, but overall from all reports everyone had a ball.

Downstairs after the show looking around at all the sweaty and happy people it was like we had all survived some kind of war, a fight for the very survival of what we believe in – Our Music. And I think we’re winning. Holy Fuck!

Thanks for coming out to support these bands, they are worth all their weight in gold. Big thanks to the bands (go check them out!) and thanks to Meg (best door biatch), Sarah for the tunes! Jimmy for takin care of sound and The Beach Road, especially bar manager and the cool staff. And thanks to Bert Newton. Copland!

See you at the next Party!


CLICK HERE Photos by Rocket Weijers


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