If you were in Byron Bay last week you would’ve noticed that Sydney’s GOONS OF DOOM actually played three shows locally. The laziest tour on earth? No, the boys just know how to take advantage of the good times. No sin in that!

There was somethin in the water that week and kids came from all over the shop to see the boys rock out with friends GROUPLOVE (US) at the Great Northern (Wed), then at a Volcom instore for the kids! Hi Mum! (Thurs/daytime) and then at Woodys (Fri) with good friends THE BUNGALOWS, BOOZE HAG plus SAMOAN PUNKS and boy what a good time it was.

The night before the Goons and the Bungas took in a different scene where The Loft, Chevron Island was overfilled by 100 more than the legal limit and the kids were at war with their own shadows, a pretty crazy trick to witness, but man that show was out of control. We all seriously thought the venue was going to collapse on itself, thank the Gods we didn’t make our 6pm news debut with 77 dead. “THE LOFT WAS THE CRAZIEST GOONS SHOW EVER!”.

Surviving Chevron Island, Friday night was gonna be mad fun. Local promoters EAT CITY NIGHTS joined forces with MSR to put on quite the party. Everyone had a ball, the bands went right off and the night was all time rock n’ roll good times. People were partyin like it was 1999 and PRINCE was the President of Byron Bay. Well is he? If he’s not, then he should be!

Byron Bay people know how to party and it was a great way to kick off 2012 with a hells yeah, so much so that the RIOT is comin baaaack very soooooon!!!! A new date and venue will be announced shortly. So stay tuned.

Check these photos out, pictures make way better reviews anyway. Word on the Streets!!!!

CLICK HERE to check out photos from MY BYRON BAY RIOT

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