CLICK HERE to check out Party Photos by  Jimmy Le

It was the eve before the eve of Christmas where a massive night was had by all on Thursday 22nd December, the good times were rollin and the free vodka’s were tasty sweet. The lucky few that rocked up early saluted Russia as we all got dizzy and ready to breathe in the punk scenery which was about to take place at our favourite drink spot, The Flinders.

BETTY AIRS, THE BUNGALOWS and SAMOAN PUNKS all ripped through thunderous party sets which had everyone dancing up a storm like it was a back yard shindig with only your best friends in attendance. And by the time GOONS OF DOOM hit the stage the place was packed like a tin of sardines, but filled with sexual happy people having too much of a good time.

BANG! BANG! ROCK N’ ROLL played some really cool party tunes between sets while everyone boogied into the night. All the people in attendance had the best time, smiles from ear to ear, dancing, pogoing and gettin into the spirit of Christmas, it was just the usual MY SYDNEY RIOT good times rock n’ roll party.

The night ended with a hippy drum off where five skinny dudes were smashing away at a floor tom and chanting random sounds. It was quite the sight to behold, so was the hangover. Bleh!

Belated Merry Christmas friends.

See you at the next Party! Keep Rockin!


You can still get your hands on the Free 5 track Xmas Party EP featuring GOONS OF DOOM, BETTY AIRS, THE BUNGALOWS, SAMOAN PUNKS & BANG! BANG! ROCK N’ ROLL. It’s pretty sick!

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