10 cool gift ideas for Christmas

If you had to believe google (yes the search engine) and took their word as gospel when it came to searching for Christmas Presents, you’d really have to be committed to a mental asylum. This is what we came up with when typing in Christmas Presents via the most famous G spot on the net. Christmas is for the crazy, it’s whacky fun.

Rapping Paper? literally, rapping paper… ie; My Name is, Eminem or It’s Tricky by Run DMC! Just make sure your present is better than the paper, because that paper is for keeps yo! rappingpaper.co.uk

One Hour Full Body and Mind massage
for $120? Mind massage? Really? It’s pretty dark up there. click here

Pink Tools I know some ladies dig the tools, but is this abit weird? ummm $60? click here

People buy Tom Cruise posters? this one is just under $10. Bargain! click here

How to wrap your cat
Seriously, people will put almost anything up on youtube.

Looking for great Christmas Present Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything? Take a look at the Showstopper Wrist Bag. Buy Now! Please watch this video! click here to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sole Skate! Fuck! Razor, the Kings of Cool are at it again. “Mummy why can’t I get a real skateboard?” “Son! this one is more futuristic, safer and way cooler!” This video review is hilariouz. Youtube product reviewer kid no.45,003,758. You can buy this here for $35! wow?

Real Jean Michel Basquiat Oil Painting Reproduction. Why settle for a poster or paper art print when you can own a real oil painting on canvas? This is a hand painted oil painting reproduction of a masterpiece, by a talented artist no electronic transfer methods are employed. Impress all your friends and say absolutely nothing about it when they come over for dinner. Open a bottle of Krug, serve everyone KFC then unwrap it for your loved one, then say “Suck on that Larz!” Between $250 and $460. Does anyone actually own one of these? click here to buy.

Swearing Turtle!
Seriously this is the best present ever. If someone buys this for me, I’ll buy one for you next year. Only $60 click here

Or you could just buy Nicki Minaj’s Lamborghini from Ebay. A steal for $2.25. Buy now! Go g g g g get it!

Oh and lastly, download our XMAS PARTY EP and Come to our Christmas Party! this Thursday at The Flinders. It’s all free and you don’t have to do anything but PARRRTY! And our parties fuckin rock! “Watch your language Turtle!”

Download XMAS PARTY EP here /// Facebook Xmas Party invite event info here

Please be Mary X

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