While we were busy writing jokes for the internet we noticed that there are many, many things to do in Sydney this weekend. So we got the intern to write us a list of what we would go to if we were had the capacity to do everything all at once. Our intern did this while balancing on one leg and rolling joints at the same time. So talented.


1. OUTPOST PROJECT A festival celebrating and featuring the work of some of this country’s most amazing street artists and our favourites BEASTMAN, ANTHONY LISTER and of course BEN FROST. Cockatoo Island and alot of art everywhere for all ages. Get on the ferry, take your family, take someone else’s family. Do it!

2. BETTY AIRS will be launching their single at THE ROXBURY on Saturday night in Glebe. Awesome band, featuring Darren (ex gerling) and Pat (ex- Vines and the nicest / genuinely friendly man in rock n’ roll) guests THE BUNGALOWS & FLIGHT.

3. BAND OF HORSES are playing in a big stadium out in Homebush. They sound great loud and will take you back to that festival where everyone was on those drugs that make you want to hug, laugh and cry at the same time. Opening for KOL tonight and tomorrow, Acer? Yeah?.

4.  STICKY FINGERS w- special guests THE BUNGALOWS & GANASCHZ at THE ANNANDALE HOTEL. Tonight! This gig will be rowdy and fun for those who like the spliff, reggae and half naked girls who love the spliff and the reggae. Jah mun! Did you hear them boys on FBi the other night? they need their own radio show.

5. Tonight! CHICKS WHO LOVE GUNS are also playin, but at a different venue, SPECTRUM. It’s new and shiny. They Rock!!!! They could be the next most exciting band in this city. They really could be. LET ME DOWN + JUNGLE MAN open the show. Will be LOUD!

6. GHETTO BLASTER at Q Bar. They’ll have a skate ramp up in that place. Take note skaters. Plus it’s always a fun time up there. Art, bands and alot of party. IT really feels like a time warp when you go up there. Ghetto Blaster crew know how to organise a crazy shin dig. Yew!

7. ANTHONY LISTER (image above) has an art exhibition taking place in a strip joint somewhere in China Town town? By RSVP only, so apologies in advance art fans. Lister is cool.

8. OUTPOST PROJECT Seriously this event is amazing, get down there. Entry fee is your ferry ticket alone. You have all month to get down there. So don’t miss it.

9. OXFORD ART FACTORY Well it’s always good for that 3am shuffle when you are looking for sanity and don’t want to go home just yet.

10. THE WRECK now named BUCKLERS CANTEEN, Bondi Beach for the hang over. Good food and you can always run down to the beach for a swim to clear your hangover. The party could well just start all over again.

If you say you know MY SYDNEY RIOT at any of these places, be ready to either gain free entry, a free drink or be escorted from the premises. ha ha! You can always give it a crack, not take crack.

Good times.

PS: 11. SNOWTOWN OMFG! If you’re at home and just want to smoke bongs all weekend, well this movie will freak you the hell out. It is intense both psychologically and makes ANIMAL KINGDOM look like THE WIGGLES.

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