Fuck! has the world has gone slightly crazy? In our very own backyard the madness of (boring) politics gone awol and corporate greed leading us all into Armageddon is saddening. Yes we do have an energy crisis on our hands and there are alot of opinions out there as to what we need to be doing right now, but mining for natural resources deep underground right here in the Inner West? and then said resources will be shifted overseas only to line the pockets of the already rich? That is pretty lame. God help us all.

Last weekend we attended the Anti Coal Seam Gas Rally along with 1,000 plus other people’s. We were sickened to hear that these punk arse mother fuckers are actually in the process of mining right here in St Peters, which is only minutes away from the center of Sydney. This issue should be ringing bigger alarm bells amongst all the young people out there. What they are planning to do is not as green as their TV advertisements make out. They’re numbing us all with the propaganda and the PR guy is crossing his fingers that people are going to take the bait and just keep watching Neighbours. But the word FRACKING (click link) has the possibilities of destroying our drinking water supplies let alone the surrounding environment. Why is this all happening so quickly? It’s the sound of money talking baby.

If you haven’t seen the documentary GASLANDS, then you really must try to get a hold of it. It will definitely give you a better insight into how this new industry has the ability to destroy everything in its path. This type of mining is happening already in the USA and things ain’t looking too good over there. Flammable water? the increase in cancer cases etc..? Is this what we want here in St Peters? Sydney? let alone in Australia? Well it has already started in Queensland and Northern NSW. Their sales people have offered top dollar to farmers to mine etc etc… it doesn’t take a genius to fill in the gaps. Thankfully some farmers are waking up to their bullshit.

All the money in the world is not going to help us when our water ways and future food supplies are destroyed and the environment gets sucked up into a withering grey version of itself. We are already experiencing crazy environmental weather patterns as it is, but it just seems like the people in Government don’t really care about the well-being of its people, especially when greedy Corporations are just throwing all the cash they can at these endeavours while using juicy words like $400 million in royalties for your town per year. Really? Is this price really worth the further destruction of our environment?

Anyway if you care about your backyard please pay attention to what’s going on and get out there and stand up for your / our community. We only have one planet and if we just sit back and let these cretins continuously rape the few natural resources we have left, in the long run our children will be the ones who will pay the price. These mother fuckers already have get out plans when shit hits the fan, unfortunately the rest of us don’t.

For more information and to get involved follow these links.
GETUP! Action for Australia
Anti Coal Seam Gas Campaign
No Gas Mining In Sydney

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