Seriously this band is cool. There’s a cool little video comp happening called CAPTURED involving a few of Sydney’s up and coming bands who are vying for victory and creative street cred. Everyone wants needs it in Sydney just to float above all the shit in the sea. There are alot of good bands in Sydney, so you need some good swimming tricks or industry sponsored floaters with extra mouthpieces.

So check this, we checked it all out and on closer investigation CHICKS WHO LOVE GUNS short film totally owns and separates them from the crowd, especially from a creative point of view and from the point where there is this band you may not know and 4 minutes later you want to know them a little more. Their film is not a video clip, they didn’t even use the opportunity to make one just so they could get it played on r r r rage rage rage. It’s a nice little doco format which holds your attention, you feel still in time. The narrating from Cass Navaro creates a nice feeling too. 5 stars.

We dig these cats and have seen them tear up the stage from time to time. Mental note, must go and break some bones and dance with these mUtha fuckRZ soon.

You can win prizes just by voting for CHICKS WHO LOVE GUNS. So do it do it do it! Wo! CLICK HERE TO VOTE

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