JC and Bang Bang Katie have a new band, it’s called BANG! BANG! ROCK N’ ROLL and they are awesome. From the remnants of their old band THE VIGNETTES comes this new musical beast with new addition Jesse R Dean on guitar with ‘don’t fuck with me i will kill you vocals’ added to the mix – Rad. Man we just choked at dinner listening to this.

THE VIGNETTES were already an amazing band, but as per usual people in this city can’t stand a band that actually admit that they are awesome from the stage. Ha ha! What is that? Suck eggs! haters! Now they are back and more badass than ever. LOL!

Heavy hearted anguish + lethal soul punk vibrations = Sick! and the double vocals are off the charts. Who’s that band with the guy that married Kate Moss in it? Anyway no offence, BANG! BANG! ROCK N’ ROLL’s duo vocal is way cooler.

Download this 6 track sampler of their new material before they takes it down apparently in the next 24 hours. Do it!!!

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