Life is crazy, one minute you’re screaming down the highway at 100 clicks, the next you are swimming in the vast oceans without a care in the world, life is just amazing. Then one day further down the track you get told you are sick. This is what happened to one of my dearest friends Killerwhale Tim (Goons of Doom), he recently got told that he had cancer, a rare one and the prognosis is good. All he has to do is have an operation to get it removed, so we are all hoping and praying (yes I said that word) for a miracle.

Luckily for us, we are surrounded by amazing friends with alot of creative ideas, so we decided to come together to put on a gig to help raise money for our homie Killerwhale. We have been overwhelmed by the love and support that we have received in return, not only from friends, family and fans alike, but especially all the supporters who have selflessly given us so much. At last count I think the prizes for the raffles and auction have surely hit around the $30,000 mark. Fuck all this war and shit, human beings have the capacity to be so amazing.

This event is going to be a special gathering of like-minded people who not only care about Killer, but they care for the cause that is life. So I am looking forward to getting down to the Beach Rd and soaking up this night with each and every one of those people.

What’s important about life is not the people you know, the have or the have-nots, the famous or the not so famous, what is important is what we can do for our fellow brother man, to me that is what being human is about, making the connection with the people who need us and being a part of that circle of life, which in return will give you good vibes to carry on with what you do from day-to-day.

Killer means the world to me and everyone who knows him, he is like a little brother and also someone who doesn’t have a boring bone in his body. So you can imagine what it’s like being in a tour can with him. He is also a loving husband, has a dog named Fizzy, is a talented singer, songwriter and has recently written some of the most special songs these ears have heard in a while. The new Goons record will definitely be proof of that. So as you can imagine, we (all his close friends) are coming together because Killer is that guy in our lives and we sure as hell don’t want that to change.

So on behalf of everyone who has gotten behind this cause for our beloved brother Tim, I just wanna say – Thank You.

See you tonight!!!!

Being positive is what we do
Making music is the jungle we rumble in
Spreading good vibes to all those who wanna hear it
The gospel is the Rock and the song is the Roll



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