Ok so our artist of the month THE BUNGALOWS are now only just hitting the Road and already they are starting to get some buzz from a couple of blogs based in the USA. New York based blog WE ALL WANT SOMEONE TO SHOUT FOR (who are celebrating their 4 millionth blog view this week) had some pretty cool things to say about THE BUNGALOWS.

THE BUNGALOWS – GOT TO GO text taken from

The Bungalows are a four-piece from Gerringong, Australia. A song of theirs titled “Got To Go” is sounding oh so good right now. Singer G Gannon immediately captures your attention with a comforting howl reminiscent of The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser. The rest of the band plays their part with succession, creating a rocking track that doesn’t stray from it’s winning formula.

It’s from their new album, Monkey Mountain Road, which is out now thru MAKEyourself Records. Listen to “Got To Go” below, and watch it’s music video right after the jump:

Read original blog post here

We already know that we’re backing a winner, Australia you need to wake up to this talented local band sooner or later. Where’s the local bloggers at?

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