Now that the year is starting to warm up here in Sydney we thought we’d start off the month of August with a cool initiative to highlight a particular artist who we think has worked hard and deserves abit of a push out there to all our loyal readers and friends. So to kick it all off we thought we’d do it with a band who are really showed inner city bands what hard work is. With new album (produced by Burke Reid) and a massive tour coming up, ladies and gents THE BUNGALOWS are the first MY SYDNEY RIOT ARTIST OF THE MONTH.

Stay tuned for some exciting fun facts, giveaways and scenario’s about Gerringong’s finest son’s who deserve all the good vibrations coming their way. Of course today is the first day of their MONKEY MOUNTAIN ROAD album tour too, so stay tuned for more info on that shortly. We hope that by the end of the month THE BUNGALOWS will be your next favourite band or new best friends. Apparently G cooks a mean breakfast. Ladies?



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