Hello friends,

Well a funny thing happened to me a little while ago. I was on the internet hanging at all hours, it would’ve been say 2am? which is early for folk like me. I saw something interesting flash up on facebook, it was an art competition called ‘THE FOOTLOCKER ARTPRIZE – THE WORLDS RICHEST COLOURING COMPETITION’ and the prize money was $50,001. So I decided to enter.

Anyway 6,000 people entered this thing, that’s alot of entries. A few weeks later I got an email saying thanks for entering. I was like “well this is my rejection letter, the hi thanks but no thanks”. So it turns out that I am in the final 25. I’m like “this is crazy!!” But then to top it off I got a message last week saying that my art work would be hanging in the Art Gallery of NSW. I’m like “what the far out that is crazy on a whole other level”.

So tonight I’ll be at a crowded event at the Art Gallery of NSW when they announce the winner. I’ll most probably be drunk in a dark corner freaking out. Well not freaking out, just blocking my ears. I’ll take anything as a sign or a curse, a broken glass, a pigeon flying into the room etc… Sorry, I had a superstitious Christian upbringing.

If I do win, well it’s guaranteed that I’ll be shouting a shit load of rounds at Flinders Hotel tonight till the wee hours of the night. So friends, be waiting on my text which will read “I WON $50,001 – PARTY NOW – FLINDERS BAR!” or it will just say “At FLINDERS BAR – Meh!” ha ha!

Wish me luck.

Mr Ray X

Materials: The Computer Machine – Illustrator & Photoshop
Framed and blown up to 127cm X 89.8cm

I’ve worn Converse all my life. It doesn’t matter what mood I am in, when I put on my Chucks, they make me feel happy.

I was imagining that if a magical Converse shoe landed in any random town, it could literally change the lives of the kids and inspire them to be creative, enjoy life and good times no matter what.


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