Tripp Bianco is a cool kid man. I’m not sure if it’s right to actually call him a kid? he’s doin something that alot of us didn’t do at the tender age of 11 and that is have a debut Art Exhibition. Seriously it takes alot of effort to make an art exhibition happen. Ask anyone who has had an exhibition and ask anyone who hasn’t, it’s a big deal.

The first time I met Tripp he would’ve easily been about  2 or 3. It was at a Breakdancing jam in Hyde Park, Sydney and he was wearing a sky blue t shirt, (did it have a Beastie Boys logo on it? or was it Star Wars?). He was loose, the kid was actually messing with me. ha ha! and he was this tiny little kid. ha ha! Anyway it was pretty obvious that Tripp was not going to just sit back and let the world go by.

We’re so proud as punch of ya Tripp and thanks for taking the time out to let us know a little bit more about who you really are. We’ll save this interview and keep it here on the internet so you can come back and check out where you were in 2011.

Some advice for adults, take some time out and listen to what young people have to say. It might just make your day or even inspire you to have an art exhibition!

Click here to read interview.

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