Thank you to all who came out in support of the RED CROSS APPEAL last Saturday night. The bands were amazing and the art was fantastic.

If y0u didn’t make it then you really missed out on a great night of music and art. From the opening set by the soulful Dusty Duets through to the dirty sounds of Dead Gang, the surprise highlight that was Cush Drive to the epic stomping stoner sounds of The Go Roll Your Bones. The talented Mylee Grace got everyone into a dance frenzy and Lime Cordiale were a hard act to follow. The Bungalows just keep getting tighter and more amazing and of course Goons of Doom just had the place partying and jumping out of its skin. You had slam dancing, goofy / groove dancing and moshing happening all at once. Good times.

We’ll be selling the art online over the next couple of weeks, so feel free to make an offer. A Gallery will be up online soon if you are interested. The reserves for these pieces are far lower than what some of these Artists usually charge at their personal Exhibitions, so it’s a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in collecting Australian art.

Some of the works are by established artists such as Ozzie Wright, Paul Mc Neil, Alex Kopps, Steve Smith (sold / 1 left) and Rad Dan plus up coming artists such as Nicholas Hernandez (first exhibition – he sold both his Skateboard deck artworks), Razmatas (sold), Barry Patenaude (sold), Tripp Bianco (11) and Zac Lalotoa (8).

Also it seems like the MY TOKYO RIOT Poster has gone walk abouts. Yes we are flattered, but can the douche bag / fan who took it send us a photo of the artwork? We don’t actually have a proper photograph of it.

You can still head down to The Annandale Hotel check out the Exhibition and buy yourself some amazing art. All money raised going straight to the Red Cross. Lets hope the art survives the next couple of weeks.

I’ll stop banging on, but on a final note I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support, especially the bands and the artists for sharing your talent. The bigger picture for these events is primarily about spreading awareness amongst our friends and peers that there are people out there who aren’t as fortunate as us and if we just pay attention to their plights and try and give back through positive energy, even if it means what you are giving is just to dance, collectively we can all create good vibrations for those who need love and support in this crazy world.



PS: We also still have copies of the awesome Compilation. So get in touch if you are keen on buying one. email:

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