Hello 2011. You look so pretty in your red dress. Hope all the holidays were fun for all you fine folk. Then add the suffocating weather, the floods, the sun death and more floods, we’ve had it all. But never fear dear friends, the rest of this year is looking alright. We’ve had some words with our in-house psychic, we are pleased to say that this will be the YEAR OF THE GENIUS. The rabbits own this year (thanks to the Chinese calendar) and 2011 has the number 11 which is two 1’s next to each other, it’s like double number 1’s and then there’s the Genius bit – that one we made up.

Ever felt like you’ve been surrounded by alot of pretenders? and people who have self allocated the power to themselves through their words alone? ha ha! Yes we all know people like this. Anyway it’s time to knock on their door and say “buddy your time is up!”. The stage is set for all you real talented brothers and sisters out there, the humble ones, the funny ones, the shy ones and the people with the real brains and the master plan. So this is the word going out to the rest of you lime light hoggers out there, it’s time to step back and let the genius’ come out to play.

A few things will happen, the wrongs will now be right and everyone will have a better idea of what is really up. Yes the good shit will be up! No more bad shit, well there’s the life shit, but the rest is really in your hands. All this cannot just happen on its own. If you feel like you’ve been standing back and you haven’t had the guts to step up, then you couldn’t be more on time than right here and now.

So we’ll do our bit and give some heads up on these characters through the year. We’ll keep the cat dissing down to a minimum, because we all know that all that negative talk and shit just causes hatred, bitterness and the wild wild rest.

It’s time to pay up mutha fuckers, say hello to the Rabbit with Fangs, the Real Stayer Player, the Genius with Heart and Soul – Booyah! it is 2011 after all, lets roll.

Genius – Your time starts now.


Know any genius cats? Send us their name / band name and some info on these cool cats. email:\

PS: Albert Einstein is a rabbit too? ok then that’s pretty cool.

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