It’s polling day tomorrow… We will come away from the weekend with one of the two, our first officially voted in female Prime Minister or this Country will be returned to the hands of the Liberal Party. Yikes!

Looking at Tony Abbott on the news makes me feel very afraid. This guy is holding his tongue and the truth of the matter is, he isn’t who he says he is. I just don’t see myself having a beer with him at a pub. Why would he want to have a beer with me for? but this is the point, young people need to relate to their leaders to avoid the language / age gap that we’ve had in the past. We just don’t want another John Howard in the office. Ok Julia Gillard pushed Kevin Rudd out, and for what ever reason, this is the reality we have now, these are the cards we have on the table. Is it going to be Julia? or Tony?

Then there’s the green vote, God love the Greens. Hmmm I’m all for their way of thinking and their point of view has a forward thinking kind of attitude to it and that’s fair enough, but the way they held out on Labour in regards to blocking the E.T.S legislation kinda sucked really. Rudd might have still been in the job? who really knows? I mean their rise is imminent and they should be commended for that. But right now it’s not as important as denying Tony Abbott a place in the big house. I know I know there’s the Green preferences which go to Labour and some may think I’m an ass for discounting them etc… but seriously this a pressing issue, we all need to do what we can to avoid putting this Country through what may well be the darkest years of political reform. The guy doesn’t give  two fucks about policy for young people and if there are policies out there, well I haven’t heard one sincere detail of that yet. He just sounds like a voice from the past, where young people aren’t allowed to speak unless spoken to at the dinner table, I just can’t relate to him.

It’s fair to say that everything has been a bit blurry with this election, but one thing is for sure, Julia Gillard has a youthful appeal, she’s not religion crazy, she’s not haggard and tired, she’s new to the job, which makes her more current, she has fresh ideas and she hasn’t really given me any real reason to hate her. She’s created opportunities for schools as Education Minister, building halls for kids, some students were once having school assemblies out in the cold or squashed into a small room. She’s made positive major changes to education already and she was also partly behind the stimulus. Ok so most young people bought drugs and partied with that money, but I’m sure some people also paid their bond to move out, paid rent, bought guitar pedals or took their girlfriend out  to dinner. Look overall these investments have already shown positive growth and in more ways than one it’s made people feel more positive about their personal situation. It just feels like under Julia, things can only get better.

Tony has definitely been around for too long and I have only seen him in a light which has made me concerned and worried for my safety. And man he’s said some pretty fucked up things in the media. Imagining him running this Country for four whole years freaks me the fuck out. And from a perspective of someone who wants to see us potentially move forward with faster internet which will in turn benefit people in regional areas and help with new technologies including health care, it will also bring us closer to a Star Trek era where some pretty far out ideas will become a reality. Tony will just be putting on the brakes and delaying the future from happening. I can see myself having a beer with Julia Gillard at The Flinders, she’s a forward thinker and she doesn’t seem to be afraid of the future. And the future my friends is now.

At the end of the day you’re the one who chooses where we’re heading. Unlike watching a dvd, you can’t just switch it off and choose another leader when you get bored. So when you get out there tomorrow, choose wisely.

Good Luck Austrrralia.

Tom Smith

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