The covering songs thing is a music tradition that goes back into the ages. I came across this WOLFMOTHER live performance of album no.2 opener ‘California Queen’. It was actually Lollapalooza 2010 from only a few days ago. Thanks to Youtube anything that famous bands do is guaranteed to go up online instantly. The track sounded distorted (camera in funny spot) but tight and the new drummer Will Rockwell-Scott was doing a fine job. Unfortunately drummer no.2 Dave Atkins left the band earlier this year. But you have to give it to Stockdale, the kid knows how to soldier on.

So then I found this version of the same song by a band called FROM THE LIGHTENING who look like they are playing in a Community Hall or maybe even at a friend’s birthday?. It was kinda endearing, neat and funny all at the same time (or is it because it’s 1.30am ?).

The boys are all aged, say 16? I might be wrong give or take a couple of years. Anyway there is an older guy on the left who comes across as the cool bong smoking uncle or the music teacher that exposed these kids to Rock n’ Roll. He pops in and sings the vocals, shies away from the spotlight but keeps a watchful eye. Every now and then looking up and getting the locals approval. Kinda like “Yeah Bob, you did it!” or “Bob, You legend!”. Anyway I hope he got layed.

It was cool seeing these boys who may all go on to get real jobs. But they got their shit together enough to get one of their mates to film them covering a band that is probably as important to them as Led Zeppelin or Faith No More was to other teens.

When Music serves its basic purpose you kind of feel stoked that somewhere in the world kids just wanna rock out. Not because it’s the hip thing to do, but because they just want to.

Oh and they cover Velvet Revolver. eeerrr… like I said, they could be 16.

Tom Smith

PS: The subtitles are priceless. “Slappin de Bayass!”



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