The world is revolving around Sydney right now, if you didn’t know, then you must be living under a rock. Fashion Bible to all who believe, VOGUE has come out strong with its September Issue (The January for fashion publications worldwide). The cover features the beautiful Australian super model Catherine McNeil flanked by Sydney rocker Akira from Sydney band LA MANCHA NEGRA, both hanging out waitin for the rest of the gang to join them for milkshakes ala 50’s stylee.

The fashion story inside also features a few more rockers ie; the handsome Liam from the now daparted  THE SCARE, he has a new band MYTH & TROPICS. Apparently one guy is from a famous Rockabilly band in Newcastle (will get info) and the other guy is the son of Angus Young from AC DC.

Anyway if you know your Surry Hills street wall paper then you’ll be happy to see that the infamous rooftop of the Hibernian House is featured heavily in the shoot. Some of Sydney’s most iconic artists and random’s have lived here over the years including Ben Frost, Bridge Stehli (we’re featuring her right now), Love Ariel, Oliver Heath, Stupid Krap, World End Studios, Anthony Lister, Beastman, Kill Pixie and more…

The story was styled by Australia’s no.1 stylist / Vogue fashion director, Naomi Smith (has kids to one of the FAIT ACCOMPLI‘s). And to cap it all off, the whole she bang was photographed by the talented Max Doyle (yes front man for SONGS).

It’s nice to see a little bit of Sydney being put in a time capsule in the pages of one of the more important fashion magazines of our time. Choosing Surry Hills over more famous locations such as Paris or New York is a sign that maybe Sydney is coming of age and what we’re doing here is worth showing to the world. More Ben Frost / Beastman and less Banksy imposters on the walls please.

Check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot here

Link to the actual story c/o FASHION GONE ROGUE here

*We were joking about the Angus Young’s son bit.

VOGUE September Issue out today.

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