In our last post, it kind of sounded like we’re hating on softer sounding bands, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We love all kinds of music, but we do feel that in the present climate of heavier bands dying by the second, it should be reasonable for us to discuss and dissect why this is happening in Sydney right now.

We really believe that there should be an alternative to the current alternative. Heavier indie music shouldn’t be grouped in the same category as say softer indie. Separating the two should give space for the heavier types of songs to be heard on radio which should translate to heads making an effort to see more diverse sounding bands. Audiences seem to be following only the bands that are being played on the radio, so if this is the case then community radio needs to make space for more bands that aren’t just making easy on the ear indie music. By musical law people need punk fueled music in their lives. Seeing young people shriek when they hear loud guitars at gigs is kinda sad really.

Take Sydney four piece THE GO ROLL YOUR BONES for example, they’re completely underrated, but they’re probably one of the most brutal and honest sounding amazing bands in this town right now. Great use of layered guitar dynamics, not too many effects, sweet bass lines, an excellent front man (without any I am holier than thou attitude) and the drums pound the message home for all to shake their heads to and simply rock out. This band is a pure rock n’ roll punk arsenal of glory.

They have just completed their debut EP, so lets just hope a label has enough balls to release them and get the word out there about THE GO ROLL YOUR BONES.

More tirades and fresh bands to come. Keep checking back.


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