…If 662 comments (at last count) on music destination Mess and Noise means anything, then it must be so. We know Jack Mannix from around the Surry Hill parts of Sydney and he’s a cool cat. Skinny, kinda groovy and well he doesn’t give a fuck. The kids down in Melbourne had their knickers in a twist about something? anyway it was a pretty hilarious read. That website gives you a pretty good general overview on how Melbourne folk (well the forum addicted ones) feel about their music. They love to stick the knife in. ie; bitter? hope not.

Sydney’s Circle Pit have just released their debut record ‘Bruise Constellation. It’s good to see a Sydney band rise up out of the shambolic Sydney scene. It still surprises me that people are constantly in shock about how good the bands are here. Though sometimes it can be hard to see the good stuff through the cheese. O Please God teach these kids how to rock n’ roll. So Circle Pit are a vital, if not an important sea change.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeahs! supports and other opportunities have allowed this band to show that they have what it takes to rock it with the best. Lets hope that this becomes a continuing trend into the future for more of Sydney’s outsider bands. Knowing that music can scratch out your eyes and bruise your heart kinda warms the soul.

Circle Pit are playing this years Come Together Festival. Tix Here

PS: Some new tracks on the myspace would be rad?!

Viva La C.P!

Here’s the video for their song ANOTHER TRICK.

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