Bondi’s seminal 3 piece COG have released their long-awaited DVD/Live CD. If you haven’t seen this band live then you are missing out on an experience. We can honestly say that some of our live musical viewing highlights have been at their shows, and we’ve seen alot of shows. Not everyone’s cup of tea, especially those who don’t have the capacity to concentrate for longer than 3 minutes, but we all definitely need to open up to other sounds to get an overall appreciation for music, especially of what 3 people can do on record and most importantly live.

Band people who are living in the inner-city and creating Facebook events and think that this is a struggle should see this dvd and rethink the words ‘hard work’. This is Australian Independent music at its grandest scale and we should all take heed and be proud of what people can do when they put their hearts and minds into it.

This band has one of the most fanatical cult followings in Australia, something that is usually experienced only by Internationals such as Tool, Metallica, AC-DC etc… Just name an independent band that can make $20,000 at the merch desk?. Hopefully Cog will stick it out for another record of original material, which will most probably give them the credit they deserve –  Overdue International Success.

DVD/Live CD Available at  JB HI FI.

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