Photography: Bree Wallace

Sydney’s VAPORIZED have been terrorising the Captain Cook Hotel stage throughout the month of March and giving people a good serving of noise punk deafness. Tonight the boys end their month-long residency with a bang! A stellar lineup has been put together and you must get down to The Cook to witness one of Sydney’s freshest bands rollin out from its seedy underground.

We hope to see ya at the show tonight and you must check out more shows with these guys. Look out for a future release or just follow the noise. Stay tuned.

VAPORIZED with special guests THE DAWSONS and HEY HORZE. Captain Cook Hotel. Doors from 8pm, free entry.

And so we were wandering the streets of Sector 9.0 today and we bumped into one of the members of Vaporized, in fact it was Mr frontman himself, Alan Gojak. So then and there we decided to play BETTER THAN BEYONCE WITH ALAN GOJAK!

Cholo X

Best Coffee /// Cappuccino no sugar

Best Pub /// At the moment The Captain Cook Hotel is treating us really well.

Best Live venue /// That’s a toss-up, I’ve seen some killer shows at Good God Small club, The Red Rattler, and of course The Oxford Arts factory. I generally dig the smaller and tighter indoor venues.

Best International band /// If I had to pick one, I think Queens of the Stone Age are hands down the best rock act in the world right now. They consistently push out killer albums, and each album has still managed to be diversely different from its predecessor. To me they are Kings of Rock in this age. Shout out to Death Grips doing their thing.

Best Local band /// You can’t really narrow this to one there are just so many. The Nuclear Family, Bearhug, Low Life, Straight Arrows, Zeahorse, Step Panther, Okay Cocaine, Claire & the Cops, The S-Bends, The Upskirts… That’s just naming a few

Best Skate spot /// I Don’t Skate hahaha! just cruising around though is pretty chill

Best guitar brand /// Fender All Day Everyday

Best sneakers /// My Adidas

Best movie /// The Room

Best video game /// NBA 2K

Best band you’ve opened for /// Haven’t Really opened for many cool bands. We’ve had sick bands open for us though, such as Hunch and The S-Bends. COOL BANDS HIT US UP SO WE CAN OPEN FOR YOU!

Best band you’ve seen live /// Fuck man, ICEAGE live at Goodgod with Low Life, Ausmuteants and Houswives. That’s was such a good time.

Best band that doesn’t exist anymore /// It’s a struggle just picking one. Probably Hendrix or Nirvana. Heck even Black Flag, and I don’t mean the shitty creation Greg Ginn calls Black Flag of today

Best hero /// Spider Man

Best villain /// The Joker

Best book /// You’ll have to ask my girlfriend. I don’t really read much. Got to get around to that, but I have currently started reading Kim Gordon’s new book “Girl in a Band” and so far so good.

Best visual artist /// I’ve always admired Raymond Pettibon, there’s something so striking in his work. Even what appear to be his simplest works have the boldest of statements attached to them. I could look at those old Black Flag posters for days.

Best smokes /// Smoking is bad MKAY

Best fruit shop /// The shop with fruit in it

Best cheap dinner /// MARY’S

Best island destination /// Any island off Croatia



Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.21.21 pm

Sorry but people in Australia need to wake the fuck up to SLUMBERHAZE!

We have some history with these guys and we’ve seen them bring some amazing music and art in their past incarnation when they were in a band called ONLY THE SEA SLUGS and their song MOONPARK won VIDEO OF THE YEAR at our LIAR AWARDS 2011. Yeah we were onto it way back then Yo! It ain’t a thang…

So flash forward to 2015 and here we are once again, Australia gets a second chance to view them as they are known now as SLUMBERHAZE and to be perfectly honest, we’re all already 5 years too late. But because these guys are a class act they’ve waited for us and Presto! they have released a beautiful piece of art which represents the full-scale yet only a gnarly glimpse into what this band is capable of. They are actually dangerous, so unfortunately maybe todays minds will lack the depth to truly understand them in this lifetime and that really sucks big balls!

But what we’re feeling is this, and we’re sayin it to you right now, Australia is in a true resurgence of genius music, this could be a wind that may never happen again for another twenty years if we fuck it up. We already have a pack of gifted artists we’re gonna start yapping and raving about shortly, so this is a truly exciting time for music in this Country. It’s a Revolution! Dreamtime! Bring it!

We’re talking about some pretty epic stories here and we asking the Australian music media to stop making people more stupid with the daily flow of click bait trash articles about Tay and Ye and Bey and to really start talking about real music right now!!!!! So lets all get off our tired excuse of ‘waiting for everyone to tell us when to jump and what to like’ and do something for yourself Australia! And yeah you the music industry of Australia! We have three words for you… DO YOUR JOB! Yeah I know you’re gonna laugh and say “WHAT EVERRRR!” from behind your computer and have a niggle to your mate with the funny hair cut, but seriously we’re sick and tired of seeing good music being ignored in this Country and the music industry is partly to blame.

So please people get out there and support this genius band! 

Enjoy this epic vision of a video because this is how epic shit gets done and we should all be proud that this is happening in our own backyard. We’re crying tears of joy out here.

Slumberhaze are here to destroy the music industry!

And we dare someone to step up and save the day.

Don’t believe the Haze.


Nothing But You is a stand alone song written by Slumberhaze for upcoming epic series VETUS. This is the official music video for Vetus and features the 2 main characters Rosa & Vlad.

VETUS is an original series which tells its story across a Web-Series, Graphic Novel and Console Game.

PS: SO the boys just got Rotation on Triple J. KAPOW!



If one particular two-piece band in Sydney was ‘REGULATING’ right now, then that band would definitely be SPIRIT VALLEY. These guys have been playing around the traps over the last few years, but it seems like in the last 6 months they have really taken this town by the throat (Sydney at best can be a voiceless child standing there looking at the concrete without a voice) so that is saying alot!

Like all cats who like to be in the know we keep survey on what people are sayin on the streets and one question that comes up alot is “do you know Spirit Valley?” So if people are asking questions like this then one must get their investigating sunglasses on and go to the source and ask the questions… and that’s exactly what we did.

We met in the dark of night at a Petrol Station near Wollongong and so we proceeded to ask the boys a few questions. We kinda went deep, not too deep, but deep enough to get an insight into how Spirit Valley ticks.

SPIRIT VALLEY mean the business and it’s fuckin about time some serious Sydney rock n’ roll appeared on the horizon.

Here’s what they had to say…Enjoy!

Spirit Valley have been kicking around Sydney for some time now, can you give us a little bit of history for those who are new to your music?
Chris: Our mutual friend Chris Tompson introduced us at a dinner party, we bonded over Goin Out West by Tom Waits. The 2 of us were huddled around the stereo listening to it on repeat at the highest volume while the other guest were trying to enjoy their dessert.

Did you come from a musical family?
Dave: My mum and uncles all played piano and guitar and such, everyone had stand up pianos. They definitely all made playing music seem like a very normal thing to do.

What was your childhood like?
C: I was born in Sydney then moved to far north/inland NSW. Then to the coast, then back to the city where I picked up the drums at age 12. A lot of my time at home was spent entertaining my 2 older sisters through the art of pantomime. Otherwise I’d be out playing wheely-boards or drumming in my childhood band ‘Philistine’ whose main goal was taking our school choir songs and rewriting them into punk songs.
D: Awesome at the time, kinda weird looking back at it. My parents went travelling when i was 5 yrs old and then ran out of money in London so we ended up staying there for about 11 years. Growing up in a city as big as London is super fun.

Who did you look up to as a kid?
C: Billy Ray Cyrus, Axl Rose.
D: Michael Jackson, Jimmy Page.

Any cool music memories? 
C: The flute solo in Wild Thing by the Troggs. My old man always had that tape in the car. It always spun me out, took me years to figure out it was a flute.
D: My dad taking me to see Led Zeppelin when i was 12 (No Bonham obviously, not that old) at Wembley Stadium cos mum was too pregnant to go. Danced on a seat for the whole show.

First Live gig you attended?
D: Same as above.
C: Battle of the Bands at Manly Youth Centre. Philistine played a set there (the first gig any of us had even been to), the older boys let us enter coz they must have thought it was hilarious seeing 13 year olds from the northern beaches trying to play punk music. Which it was.

The last gig you attended?
C: The Earls House Band at Earls Juke Joint.
D: Earls house band.

The two piece is a thing of beauty when done right, what is the key ingredient that separates you guys from the rest of the pack?
C: I don’t know what separates us from the rest of the pack. But I guess what makes us work is our organic writing process, letting a song take its own course rather than getting stuck on one idea. Keeps it sounding honest and candid. And setting up our instruments accordingly, how ever is going to sound best for the music, even if its outside our comfort zone.
D: No sleeves.

Who did you work with on your debut album GIVE TRANCE A CHANCE?
C: The album was recorded and mixed by Wade Keighran at Linear Studios.
D: Wade Keighran, Wade Keighran and Wade Keighran,

Can you give us a little story about what went into recording your debut record?
D: Sheeeeeeet so much… i remember Wade coming to a show once and then texting Stabs after saying ‘I hate your band, i will never record you as long as i live. which hopefully won’t be long’. Wade got worked so freakin hard on the mixing he got pneumonia. Didn’t even complain about it.

Any bizarre accidents that ended up on tape?
D: The interlude between the title track and Abyss i don’t even remember happening. Think i was just practicing and Wade accidentally had a room mic on.

Compared to past Spirit Valley recordings, what did you learn after recording this time around?
D: Damn so much, probably the biggest thing was how to actually use my gear properly hah!

What’s your plans for the rest 2015?
D: Moving to Amsterdam! Gonna try our hand at being a touring band in Europe.

Is there a Spirit Valley ethos?
D: No sleeves

What’s your take on the current state of the Sydney music community right now?
D: Heaps of really good bands, not enough places to play.

What’s the best thing about being an independent band?
D: I’ve only ever been in independent bands so i don’t know what the other side is like. I do like the sense of achievement that if anything good happens, you know you made it happen yourself.

The worst thing?
D: Organisation.

If there was something you could change about the Australian music industry for the better what would that be?
D: Abolish the Triple J top 100. Or just Triple J for that matter. Push local radio into the forefront of the industry, a monopoly of any kind is a bad thing.

What are you guys aspiring to as a creative unit?
D: Get Doomshine into the Olympics.

Is there are a band out there in the world that you think, hey these guys are doing it right…
D: Cronies.

Do you have any advice for bands starting out?
D: Like music. Follow the fun.

There is an endless discussion about how artists don’t seem to be making money anymore due to streaming sites and the like, what are your thoughts on things like Spotify and social media in general?
D: I guess if streaming sites are stopping you from making music you would probably fall more into the category of being a businessman/woman than being an artist. So go find a more lucrative business. Easy. Personally i love all the streaming/downloading/free music stuff, the more music out there the better i say. I love that i can find an Italian new-wave country western barbershop quartet on Bandcamp, message them about how much i love their neon boots, download their music for free and then buy a t-shirt. Glorious.

Give us a little story about your favourite track on the album…
D: Well the not secret at all ‘secret’ track after Forever was recorded on Stabs phone around a campfire in the woods just outside of Austin, TX. Its called Red River after one of the main streets in Austin, we spent about 2-3 months there a while back and it was a very formative time for us as a band. At the time of the recording we had just got to town and were sleeping in the van in bar parking lots, that sorta thing. Was a magically fun time and hearing the cars on the highway at the end of the track always takes me back.

Why should we give trance a chance?
D: Lighten up a little, that’s why.

Are you a movie buff or a book head?
D: Prob more movie than books at the moment.

Burial or Cremation?
D: I want to be buried with a stone table on my gravestone with an ashtray built into the middle of it and 4 little stone stools around the table so people can come hang. And a stone arm coming out from the top of the grave holding a beer so i can cheers them.

Famous last words?


5/3 Rad Bar, Wollongong
6/3 The Sly Fox, Sydney  /// TONIGHT!
12/3 Phoenix Bar, Canberra
14/3 Octopus Pi, Sydney
21/3 Old Bar, Melbourne
26/3 Tios, Sydney



Yep we’ll be returning to Captain Cook Hotel to kick out the jams for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this Saturday night, a night where we come together to stand with our brothers and sisters in the gay community and celebrate our lives together. This party will no doubt be just as hectic as last year so pop along and be part of this special event which kicks off from 6pm for free!

corner Flinders St & Moore Park Rd (right at the end of the Parade)
/// 6PM – 1AM / FREE!

^dj’s! & **live! ///
** Moth King.
^ Skarlett Saramore.
** Gay Rodeo.
^ M D D J.
** La Luz Music.

epic drum troop return! 6.30pm ///
** Samba Ninja.


We love you and miss ya Freddie Mercury X









We’ve got a few killer projects coming up this year, but to warm up for a much bigger project we are working on we are putting the call out to artists to submit all kinds of random stuff for Issue no.3 of what has been a pretty low-key unknown e-zine that we’ve put together from time to time; STD aka SHAKE THE DOG.

So if you’re feeling inspired then hop right to it and send thru the following… art, photography (all kinds), mp3’s (for a STD mixtape… weird random shit; demos are more than welcome), sketches, photos of your dog, photos of you as a kid, lyrics, poetry, short stories, interviews, basically anything really, try us, send us other people’s rad work too haha! well… ummmm…. Anyways test our creative brains with your perspective on art and shit!

*Remember all files must be of the digital nature, so we won’t be accepting physical canvasses or sculptures (well right now anyways) haha! and don’t forget to credit yourself or whomever the work is by.

Email all files to or if the files are of the big nature then please use Dropbox or Hightail etc and send us the link and we’ll do the downloading ourselves…

Limited spaces so be quick.

Good luck!


Check out past issues below of STD below.

ISSUE #002 /// (2010)

ISSUE #001 /// (2007)

ISSUE #000 /// (2007)


Photography: Bree Wallace

The good times keep rolling at Captain Cook Hotel with our weekly RESIDENTS nights and just as another sweet band (TAKING BERLIN) pulls out of the driveway another hot number rolls in!

VAPORIZED are a band that many of you may not know just yet, but will surely know post these shows are set to bring their noisy punk ruckus to Wednesday nights at The Cook and we hope you can all make it down for a mid-week roll in the Hay with these cool cats. With special guests aplenty we are sure to be looking down the gauntlet at another RESIDENTS classic!

Opening nights special guests are two very special bands HUNCH and SLOOM.

Free entry from 8pm friends! See you at a show!





Sydney punk duo GAY RODEO have hit the ground running with a brand new video for their song VEGEMITE. This will definitely go down a treat when it makes its debut on National TV this week just before Neighbours on Channel 10, a great time slot for this classic song by a band that till yesterday we didn’t even know existed.

Also if you get a chance you can vote for Vegemite as it is also a finalist in The International Best Jingle Awards of 2015.  The boys have been flown out to Canada and will be debuting Vegemite live at the awards. Stars like Kanye West and Iggy Pop are both said to be attending.

Made by Mtv award-winning film director Glenn Chalk (the Matrix) the guys are currently working on another video which will be released as a vinyl video, something that has never been done before. Look out for their debut EP, set to drop on Iggy Pop’s yet to be named record label.

Congrats guys!




If you were hanging around Captain Cook Hotel last year then you may have noticed a new band we’ve been championing, Captain Cook (the band). Anyway after we first met, they ended up playing a pretty amazing residency which lasted for 15 shows and everyone who came along had a blast witnessing them make magic every Wednesday night. Due to Christmas and the Summer Holidays Captain Cook’s residency had to sadly come to an end. But don’t worry you’ll be seeing more of those legends around soon. Continue reading